Welcome to Salsify!

This is your quick guide through the steps to harness the power of Salsify for your organization, and where you'll find the documents you need to successfully accomplish your goals.

  • Set up Salsify to drive success to your organization’s key goals
  • Prepare to roll out Salsify to your full organization
  • Gather, organize and deploy your data
  • Build and sharpen your Salsify skills

When you've completed the process, you’ll be able to easily onboard, manage, optimize, and deliver impactful product content that drives a great consumer experience wherever and whenever they shop.

The documents here serve as a starting point - to find a deeper dive into how to use specific features, log into your Salsify account, then visit http://help.salsify.com - you can get there from the main menu at the top of your Salsify screen.