API Rate Limiting 

In order to provide a quality experience for all users, Salsify has put limits in place for API requests.

Rate limiting for Salsify APIs is on a per user token basis. Each user is allowed 5000 requests per hour, which includes all authenticated requests against our APIs, including those made in-app by the individual user's browser.

Rate Limit Status

Each successful API call includes the number of remaining requests allowed in the response headers. The "X-RateLimit-Limit" header indicates the total number of requests allowed per hour (5000) and the "X-RateLimit-Remaining" header indicates how many requests your account has remaining until the start of the next hour. 

Exceeded Limit

When a user exceeds this limit, they will receive a "429 Too Many Requests" response. The rate limit counter will be reset at the start of each hour (e.g. if your account exceeds the rate limit at 4:45 PM, you can resume activity at 5:00 PM with a new limit of 5000 calls).

Note: If a user account exceeds the rate limit via an automated program, that user will not be able to access Salsify through the browser as well.