Diagram Your Data Flow 

The dataflow diagram is a simple, top-level representation of how data flows through your organization.  The key information to capture here is where your product content is created, how it flows through your systems, and who is responsible for adding, editing and approving it.  If you don’t know all your endpoints yet, that’s ok.  This is a working diagram to think through processes. 

Building the Diagram

Think about your dataflow in terms of the following:

  • Where does your information come from?  Which systems are involved? Which departments or individuals are responsible for the data?
  • Who is responsible for adding, editing and approving it?  What information do they need before they can provide the needed information?  Where does it go next?
  • What are your key endpoints?  Knowing how you'll use the data will help inform what and how content should be stored.

Being able to visualize the flow will facilitate your Salsify setup as you work with your Customer Success Manager to develop the action plan around putting imports and workflows in place to accomplish your goals with Salsify.

Diagram Example

Powerpoint diagram templateYou can use a variety of tools to build your diagram.  We have included downloadable starter template for Microsoft Powerpoint - click the icon to the right to download.  Gliffy is a good online diagramming tool with more robust features.  The diagram doesn't have to be elaborate, though, its main purpose is simply to visualize your data and build solid action plans to customize Salsify to support your goals.