Getting Started with Lightboxes 

Lightboxes are an easy way to share digital assets to someone without a Salsify login, without having to associate them with products. They’re great for sharing with internal teams who don’t yet work in Salsify, agencies and retailers. You can apply name and image transformations, allowing the end user to download images in the format they want.

When you create your lightbox, you’ll get a link to deliver to your recipient.  When they open the link, they’ll see an interface where they can view the assets you sent or download them in the format you specify one at a time or all at once.

The assets you share do not need to be tied to products, and products associated with the assets are not shared. Lightboxes are based digital asset lists. As the list it’s based on is updated, the lightbox is also updated.  You can also change the list the lightbox references at any time.  Your recipient will see any changes you make to the lightbox settings the next time they use the link.

Contact your Account Manager, Customer Success Manager, or Customer Support for more information on  activating the Lightboxes feature.

Viewing a Lightbox

Recipients of your shared Lightbox can:

  • Access the Lightbox via the shared link without ever logging into Salsify.
  • View digital assets in the Lightbox at any time via desktop, tablet or mobile devices.
  • Download digital assets one at a time or all at once via a zip file sent directly to their email inbox.

Once the recipient has a link to a specific Lightbox, digital assets are dynamically updated:

  • For you: assets associated to the Lightbox list can be adjusted, edited or deleted at any time by adjusting the List associated to the Lightbox
  • For the Recipient: any changes made by you can be accessed via the same Lightbox link.

You can feature any type of digital asset, up to 250 images per lightbox, including:

  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Icons
  • Logos
  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • PDFs
  • Spreadsheets

When a lightbox link is shared, anyone you share the lightbox with can view your Lightbox the same way you do.

  1. If you have specified a logo image, it will appear at the top middle of the lightbox preview.
  2. Each image shows a preview and information about the digital asset beneath it.
  3. View the Digital Assets within the Lightbox by selecting the left and right arrows to advance or return to an asset; you’ll see that the Lightbox transformation settings have been applied to your Digital Assets.
    • Digital assets cannot be ordered in Lightboxes. They will display based on an internal ID that cannot be sorted by users today.
  4. Download a specific Digital Asset within the Lightbox by selecting the single arrow icon in the upper right corner of your Lightbox; you’ll see that the Lightbox format settings will be applied to your Digital Assets as you download them.
  5. Download all Digital Assets within the Lightbox by selecting the multiple arrows icon in the upper right corner.  You'll be prompted to enter an email address where a link to a zip file will be sent, and the images will download in the specified format when the link is clicked.  The email will come from an address specified in the lightbox setup, or you can use the default and the sender will be Salsify.