InDesign Plugin Print Solution 

The InDesign Print Solution plugin allows you to populate a custom-designed publication with product information directly from Salsify.  Add up-to-date product attributes to your document by following the steps outlined below.

To learn more about getting the InDesign plugin, please contact  your Customer Champion or click Contact Us for more information.


First, you'll set up a channel in Salsify that Set Up Channel for InDesign that will deliver the products and the properties you want to use in your InDesign document.  You'll need the EasyCatalog InDesign plugin, and the Salsify extensions.  Then you will sync the document to that channel, and finally you'll populate the document with the products from Salsify.

EasyCatalog Plugin

If you do not yet have the EasyCatalog plugin, please visit this page to request access to the plugin download.

Salsify Extension Setup

  1. Click here to download the EasyCatalog extension download folder.
  2. Choose the folder for your system, then for your version of InDesign and download the installer file (.dmg for Mac, .exe for Windows).
  3. Run the downloaded file to open it, and select all the plugins.
  4. Navigate to the EasyCatalog folder inside the Adobe InDesign CC 2015 > Plug-Ins folder and copy the plugins to the EasyCatalog folder.

Salsify Channel Setup

  1. Navigate to "More" > "Channels"
  2. Click  "+ New Channel"
  3. From the Select Destination dropdown menu, choose Create a Custom Channel.
  4. Name it whatever you'd like; best practice is to add a descriptive title like "InDesign: Footwear"
  5. In configuration, choose Product Selection, then use filters to select the set of products you want to publish to your publication.  
  6. Choose the gear next to Product Feed to set the format and choose the information to include in your file.
    1. Change the file type to JSON.  
    2. Click the blue Choose Columns button and select the properties in the left box you want to include in the feed, including images.  Include a unique identifier for your products like product ID, SKU or UPC.
    3. Select the properties you want to add to the export from the list on the left-hand side, then use the arrow buttons, drag and drop, or shift-click a group and use the arrow to add them to your export, on the right side of the screen.  Everything in the right box will be in your feed, in the order it displays.
    4. Click Apply Configuration to finish.
  7. Click Save to return to the channel configuration menu.
  8. Click the blue Publish button, and allow the channel to finish publishing.

Next, set up your InDesign project using the plugin. For help using the 65bit plugin, please visit:

Sync InDesign Project with a Salsify Channel

  1. Open your InDesign project.
  2. Choose File > New >EasyCatalog Panel > New Salsify Data Source
  3. Log into Salsify account
  4. From InDesign, select your Salsify channel and click Apply 
  5. Set the key column for your data, which contains a unique identifier.  Check the Key box, and click OK
  6. Expand the panel to see the product information from the channel.  
  7. Choose Paginate to populate your document with products.  

Update or Remove Products & Product Properties to InDesign Project

It is quick and easy to update product information to your InDesign project as it changes in Salsify.  To update your InDesign project:

  1. Make adjustments to product information in Salsify.
  2. Publish the feed in Salsify.
  3. In InDesign, right click the Salsify data panel and choose Synchronize With Data Source.
  4. The updated records will be highlighted and available to insert into the document.
  5. Update the document by choosing Update Document > All from the same panel.  The updated information will be inserted into the document automatically.