Setting Up Product Change Alerts in Salsify 

Subscriptions give you the option of being alerted when a set of products or a list is updated with new products. You can set up an email notification, or a webhook.  Setting up an email subscription will send an email notification to the address your account is set up with when the changes meet the criteria you set.

Setting up a webhook sends a notification to a URL where a custom script handles the update and passes it along to another service.  Click here for an example of the webhook payload.

Setting Up a Subscription

You can subscribe to changes for any set of products and properties you choose.  Start by creating a list or filter for the products you want update alerts for.  If you want to update alerts about all products, go to the View All Products screen. 

To subscribe to email alerts for lists of products, click the Actions button at the top right of either the product list view or the main product view, then select Subscribe.

Subscribing for a Notification

A new window will pop-up. Here you can choose a name for the change alert by entering it in the Name field.

Next, choose one of the options for receiving a notification. Notifications are sent up to hourly as changes occur and summarize the activity you choose to be alerted to.

  • A product is added to this set - Change alert is triggered anytime a new product is added to the specified list. You may want to select this option to be alerted when any new product is entered into Salsify, or when a new product in a particular category or brand comes into Salsify.
  • Any property is changed on a product in this set - Change alert is triggered whenever a property is changed or updated for any of the products in the specified list.
  • Any property I will select in the next step is changed on a product in this set. This change alert triggers for changes which occur to properties you have configured in a custom view. For example, if you have three product properties configured in a saved view or custom view, such as Product ID, Product Description and MSRP, you will only be notified if one of these three properties is changed.
    • Choose properties to Include or Exclude
      • Use the property picker to add properties you want to receive change alerts for. By default, you'll pick properties to include, and you'll receive change alerts for properties included in the list on the right side. Either scroll or start typing the name of the property on the left, and move properties to the right list by double clicking, dragging and dropping or using the arrows to include them.
      • To receive updates on all properties except a few, click the blue link at the bottom of the left list to change the mode to Select Properties to Exclude. This is useful where you have computed properties, or automated recurring updates made by another system like an ERP.
  • A product is removed from this set - Change alert is triggered anytime a product is removed from the specified list or deleted from Salsify while on the specified list. 

Choose Properties to Include or Exclude

Next choose how you want to be notified.

  • Email - Select email to get an update whenever the products you specified are updated.  The email address for your account will receive the notification.
  • Webhook - When you choose this option, a URL field opens up.  Fill in the URL that should be notified of updates.  The webhook will send the notification to the URL specified.

Click Save to save your subscription.

Changing a Subscription

If you want to change the criteria, or no longer wish to receive a notification you previously set up, you can edit or delete the subscription at any time.

  1. Click on your Username at the top right.
  2. Select Profile from the drop-down menu.
    Unsubscribing from a Notification
  3. Click on the Subscriptions tab in your User Profile view to see all currently configured notifications.
  4. Click the button next to the name of the subscription.
  5. Select Edit to update your subscription. You'll have the options available when the subscription was set up. See above for details.   Select Delete to remove the subscription.