Syndication Overview 

Setting up syndication channels will create efficiencies and allow you to publish more complete and accurate product information to retailers and other endpoints like Ecommerce sites.

Transform Existing Data to Meet Retailer Requirements

Evaluate readiness for individual products for each channel, preview content in its transformed version, and easily identify and fix errors in the data in a view as familiar as Excel. Measure the completeness of your product content, identify gaps in information, and make the changes needed to publish to any endpoint.

Through the channel mapping process in the readiness report, you’ll point the endpoint’s attributes to your existing content stored in Salsify. 

As you work through the endpoint’s attributes and requirements, the readiness report gives you feedback, at the product and overall attribute level, on how complete and valid your products are against the endpoint’s requirements. You can adjust your mapping based on the feedback, and deliver accurate and valid content when you publish.

Analyze Content Readiness

See how well your content stacks up to different retailer requirements, and easily spot gaps and errors.  Readiness reports give you an overview of how ready your products are, and allow you to drill down and work through products efficiently to update them to meet requirements. You can view readiness at a per-product level, or overall readiness against an endpoint’s attributes.

Automatically Transform Digital Assets

Let Salsify automatically resize, rename and reformat images depending on each retailer's unique requirements.  You set up the specifications once, and you can publish any product’s digital assets in the specified format.

Configure Data Validations

Whether a required field is left blank or an attribute is a character short, Salsify will show you any content that doesn’t meet the retailer’s requirements and allow you to make corrections.

Publish Directly to Sales Channels

Customers are pushing content directly to Walmart, GDSN and more - and we're adding new partnerships all the time. You’ll work with your Customer Success Manager to identify key retailers and work together to get them set up to publish in the required formats.

Share Digital Catalogs

Create up-to-date product catalogs in seconds that you can share with your long-tail retailers.  You can make specific sets of products and sets of properties available for on-demand delivery, giving more partners access to the most up-to-date and complete product information.